Startups Need to Communicate the Bigger Sense of Purpose

If you believe hiring the right person or team for your organisation is tough business, then here’s a perspective that will broaden your mind. The perspective is a simple one – but one that often goes unnoticed and, therefore, is undervalued. It is the perspective…

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Learning by Doing

On, Richard Branson shares his business experience and advice in a column titled Richard Branson on Learning by Doing. Recently, in his response to a question asked by one of’s readers, Mr Branson said, “Successful entrepreneurs tend to be insatiably curious about almost everything, and…

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Suchi Mukherjee: A fresh & novel idea called

There’s an e-commerce revolution on in India and it has the whole world watching… with some even participating in its unprecedented growth. According to an August 2014 Assocham-PwC study titled Evolution of e-commerce in India: Creating the bricks behind the clicks (quote from the study’s Foreword), “Recent years…

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The lure of startups

‘Start-ups’ has been a buzzword across the globe for many years – perhaps more so in the United States where the climate for entrepreneurship is more encouraging than in other countries like India. But it’s now that this buzzword is taken seriously by the industry…

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