India Outlook

A Wave of Optimism

An admirable quality about India is that, no matter what setbacks plague us, we can re-build our nation. Historically, we have survived invasions and colonisations, even the economic draining-out of our resources, to build a multicultural secular prospering nation which is, today, a leading example…

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The Beginning of a Journey

Just as Barack Obama stood for change and was elected as the 44th President of the United States of America in 2009, today, in India, Narendra Modi represents a similar metaphor for change and we elected him as our 15th Prime Minister in May this…

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It’s “Make in India”

“Entire world is looking towards Asia. I don’t need to waste time in inviting; I just need to make some efforts in giving the address that this is the place. He is ready to come. Entire world is ready to come. They just don’t know…

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