Gender of Talent

Are women employees better than men?

A friend of ours – a young man – shared this experience with us: During a job interview, he was asked whether women employees were better than men. He was caught off-guard and took it as a trick question since his interviewers were both women.…

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Finding Their Rightful Place

Last year, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) reported that Indian “Women constitute just over a fifth [22.5%] of the organised sector workforce. They are mostly to be found in the unorganized sector, marked by poor wages, poor quality of work and absence of social protection…

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The Heiress and The Self-Made: Women Entrepreneurs of India

In the past few decades women across the world have taken rapid strides in every field imaginable. Women have held the highest offices in a country and have served with dignity and success. India too has many women Entrepreneurs who have proved their mettle and…

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Why women directors? Sebi lays the guidelines

Why should your next board member be a female? If you are a company seeking to find the best ways to please the largest consumer group of all, it would be in your best interest to begin hearing the voices of the female population. Women…

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